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The Best ESO Nightblade Builds For Max DPS

nightblade-build-esoNightblades make powerful DPS characters. In fact, DPS is probably the best Nightblade Build for the Elder Scrolls online. Nightblades can also make powerful tanks and decent combat control characters, but as DPS they excel. A good DPS build takes advantage of all three skill lines to create a master of the ESO battlefield.

Obviously, in order to do damage, a DPS character needs damage-causing abilities. So it’s someone ironic that what may be the most important aspect of focusing on DPS in an ESO Nightblade Builds is the stealth abilities. DPS aren’t tanks, they aren’t built to take insane damage and survive. But Nightblades don’t have many abilities that deliver one-shot skills. Instead, they are like a one-man wolf pack, slowly bleeding out and weakening the enemy. The stealth bonuses of the Shadowing skill line allows you to attack over and over again, while preventing the enemy from making an effective counterattack.

The Siphon skill line and Assassin skill lines are where a DPS Nightblade does all of their class-based damage. Careful use of the Siphon line weakens the enemy, leaving them vulnerable to the finishing moves of the Assassin skill line. Soul Shred, Strife, Agony, and Drain Power will be the preferred Siphoning skills for a straight DPS Nightblade build. Siphoning Strikes can also be useful if you run out of Magicka or Stamina frequently, but this skill should be avoided in DPS as much as possible, since it reduces your damage.

From the Assassination skill line, Death Stroke and Haste are the best skills for a DPS character, with Mark Target and Assassin’s Blade also being extremely useful.

You get bonuses for paired short swords or daggers, so those are definitely weapons of choice for Nightblade DPS builds. A bow can be a good alternate weapon–especially when paired with Teleport Strike from the Assassin skill line. Since DPS are in the thick of combat, medium armor, or a mix of medium and light armor, will help you stay alive long enough to take out enemies, without nerfing your stealth abilities.

A Top Nightblade ESO Builds Guide will usually include detailed breakdowns of the best skill combinations for a Nightblade. In the end, the way to get max DPS is to forget the “heroic” one hit kills of the DragonKnight or Templar. Focus on using Siphoning and standard attacks to weaken your enemy, with Assassin skills to finish them off.

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