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Top 4 Tips For Building Your Giant’s Keep B10 (GB10) Team

Summoner’s War is all about farming Giant’s Keep these days. Whether you’re just starting out, you’ve been playing for a while, or you’ve totally mastered the game, Giant’s Keep is a great place to get runes and upgrade your team. Even though it’s been nerfed, it still outclasses other areas when it comes to farming efficiency.

When Can I Farm GB10?

A rule of thumb is to have all 5 and 6 star runes on your mons that are powered up to at least +12, after that you’ll have the stats and experience that you need to defeat the challenges GB10 will throw at you. In Summoners War Giants Keep is pretty challenging. Leveling your team up to lvl 40 beforehand will help you out a lot.

What Team Should I Run?

Your Summoners War GB10 team can consist of whatever your strongest monsters are, as long as you meet a few basic criteria:

1. Heals and Def Buffs: It’s very important that your team can sustain the high damage output that you’ll encounter. Having support monsters to help mitigate damage is key.

2. Buff Removal and Cleanse: Your task of sustaining your team gets a lot harder when the boss debuffs you and buffs himself. If either his self-buff or his defense debuff is up when he swings at you, you’re going to take a LOT of damage.

3. Glancing or Atk Debuffs: One optional way of trying to mitigate damage is to debuff the boss yourself. If you’re experienced, you can use high ACC monsters to make the boss deal less damage instead of purging his buffs. If you’re new, try doing both.

4. Damage Over Time; The sustained nature of the fights you’ll do with your Summoners War giants team means that damage over time is particularly efficient. Bring some DoTs in addition to your strongest nukers.

What’s The Very Best GB10 Team?

One recommended beginner team is:

  • Veromos (as leader)
  • Belladeon
  • Shannon
  • Bernard
  • and your best support monster

What Runes And Stats Should I Use?

If you’d like to 100% clear GB10 on auto, you’ll want to get the best stats on your monsters. It’s recommended to have at least 15k health on all of your monsters, with 17k health or more being ideal for monsters without the Wind type. Your debuffers should have at least 45% ACC to ensure good uptime, while 170 SDP is regarded as a bare minimum. Most people like to run swift and focus runes on everyone with SPD, HP%, and ACC as needed.

If you want to Master Giants Keep in Summoners War then check out these GB10 Teams by SWMasters.

Once you’ve got access to higher tier monsters, here are some Summoners War giants teams that will absolutely demolish the content in record time:

Lushen(L), Lushen, Belladeon, Chasun, Bernard

Sigmarus (L), Galleon, Hwa, Megan, Akhamamir

Theo (L), Lushen, Lushen, Bernard, Galleon

Teshar (L), Orochi, Lushen, Galleon, Bernard

Lushen (L), Lushen, Sigmarus, Galleon, Hwa

Farm Runes in Summoners War Giants Keep

Now that you know the basics, you’re all set to cruise through Giants Keep. Bring buff and debuff removal, debuff the boss yourself, take plenty of sustain, and make sure your monsters have enough speed and HP to keep up the difficult content. Once you’ve got everything set up, you’ll be able to cruise through GB10 with ease and start farming runes with incredible efficiency.

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