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The Best ESO Guide For Consoles: PS4 & Xbox One

eso-guide-secretsWhat makes a good Guide For The Elder Scrolls Online? How do you find the best guide for you? Does it matter whether a guide is written for consoles or PC? Literally dozens of guides for Elder Scrolls online litter the internet landscape. Some are great, some are horrid, and some are okay. Almost all are written for PC.

If you are looking forward to the ESO release for PS4 or Xbox One, you may be tempted to pick up one of these guides to see what you have to look forward to, but that probably isn’t the best idea. An ESO GUIDE for PS4 or for Xbox One is different from a guide for PC. This is because while the games will be very similar, they are not the same. We won’t know all the differences between the console versions and the PC version until the console versions are released, but folks following the industry information and press releases have already pointed out some differences, and other differences, like the way usingĀ  a controller vs keyboard will affect gameplay are obvious to any experienced gamers.

Luckily, there are Guides for the Elder Scrolls Online already available for consoles. These guides are written with the key differences between PC and console gaming in mind, to make them as useful as possible for console gamers. With even the beta dates for the ESO console versions uncertain, players can be sure that these guides aren’t perfect–ZeniMax will definitely make more changes between the beta and final release. A good guide will keep this in mind and make updates available as the game changes, so that when the release date arrives players can know everything they need to play ESO on the platform of their choice.

The best ESO guides for consoles are the ones written specifically FOR consoles, like those on ESO Mastery Guides. While these guides will need to be updated as new information and updates are released, they are far better for console gamers than trying to learn about ESO through ‘complete’ guides written for PC, which are based around a completely different style of game play and game experience. So for the best ESO console guide, look for a guide that is geared towards the console you play on. You’ll be glad you did.

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